Saturday, April 11, 2009

And now on a lighter note--What are you wearing for Easter????

I'm wearing this suit I ordered from Chadwicks - that color with a yellow clergy shirt. That's right - NO BLACK! It' Easter for heavens sake!

AND I'm wearing strappy OPEN TOED matching high heels - these in the green.


  1. We don't seem to have the tradition of new clothes for Easter, although my sweater is new-ish (the one I was frantically trying to finish before we went to Paris), and my daughter was wearing a new one, which looked really nice on her. But other than that it was same old black trousers (smart ones, not jeans when we go to church chez my parents) and lace-up shoes. Mummy was wearing a tweed skirt, I think.

  2. I used to make my daughter's Easter dresses with net petticoats and pinafores. With a matching doll dress! And then when she was nine she said "Mom do I HAVE to have a poofy dress this Easter?" and then it was all over...