Saturday, April 18, 2009

Irresponsible Journalism

Melissa Suzanne Huckaby was just minding her own business when suddenly her world was invaded by calls from the press, and death threats. Why? She shares the same name with Melissa Chantel Huckaby, accused of murdering 8-year-old Sandra Cantu. The two women are the same age, are both Sunday School teachers and live 14 miles apart.

Life suddenly scary for the other Melissa Huckaby

Apparently some dufus reporters just found a Melissa Huckaby on MySpace, downloaded her photo and plastered it all over TV and newspapers. It was the wrong Melissa Huckaby. Melissa Suzannne has had to take down her MySpace because of all the threats. Her cousins are afraid to go to school because of the false connection. She's worried about her own daughter's safety.

So what kind of half-assed journalism is this? You just download any old picture you find on the web that matches the name without doing a modicum of research to make sure you got the right person and plaster it all over TV?

SHAME SHAME SHAME on the idiot so called reporters who grabbed the photos, the lazy irresponsible editors who okayed the broadcasting of her photo without doing their homework. I think some jobs need to be lost over this. And she should sue them into oblivion. She's a single mother. She could use the money. Probably to hire some security.

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