Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Favorite Easter Hymn We Didn't Sing

Welcome Happy Morning

We don't have a Lutheran Worship book's a long story and has a lot to do with Hauge....and this is not a song most Lutherans are familiar with but it is one of my favorite Easter hymns...

Welcome Happy Morning age to age shall say
Hell to day is vanquished heaven is won today
Christ once dead, is living, God forever more
Him, their true creator, all his works adore

Maker and redeemer life and heath of all
God from heav'n beholding human nature's fall
You the true and only Son of God above
Died as mortal man to save us by your love

Source of all things living, you came down to die
Plumbed the depths of hell to raise us up on high
Come then true and faithful; come fulfill thy word;
This is your third morning; Rise O buried Lord!

Free the souls long prisoned bound with Satan's chain
All that once had fallen raise to life again;
Show your face in brightness shine in every land
As in Eden's garden when the world began

Welcome happy morning, age to age shall say!

Venantius Fortunatus, c. 590, tr. by John Ellerton, 1868
Tune Fortunatus, Arthur Sullivan, 1842-1900

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