Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirates? Really?

No we are not talking about the handsome and charming Johnny Depp. We are talking about desperate Somalian pirates.

I'm very grateful Capt.
Richard Phillips has been freed.

I've been hearing about pirates for a while now and frankly there has been a part of me that has wanted to just go show off US muscle and kick pirate ass. But as Nancy Michaelis points out over at Hunger Rumblings - Somalia has not had any government for 28 years. There's no economy to speak of. This is how people survive. I just heard the one pirate that was lucky enough to be on the US ship and didn't get killed is too young to even be tried as an adult.

Kicking pirate ass is not going to solve the problem. But I have to wonder - why oh why are we spending so much money and time and American lives to make sure Iraq has a stable government and pretending Somalia doesn't exist unless they bother our ships?

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