Thursday, April 23, 2009

First we exploit them. Then we lock them up. Now we are stealing their children.

After loosing freedom, Some Immigrants Face Loss of Custody of Their Children

You have to register to get the article which is free, but in case you don't want to do that...the upshot is that mothers who were swept up in the ICE raids across the country and then prosecuted (most of the time without due process) for identity theft (that means their employers gave them fake social security numbers) are losing custody of their children.

One of the 136 illegal immigrants detained in the raid was Carlos’s mother, Encarnación Bail Romero, a Guatemalan. A year and a half after she went to jail, a county court terminated Ms. Bail’s rights to her child on grounds of abandonment. Carlos, now 2, was adopted by a local couple.

I live about 3 hours away from Postville and know people who live there and what we are doing as a government to these people is just incomprehensible. I thought it was bad when for "humane reasons" - mothers of small children in Postville were not jailed but were given monitoring devices. BUT they could not work. Or leave. Or receive any government support. So they were essentially left to beg. The churches in the area have been left to support about 100 of these families. Since last May. And most of these women still have no court date in sight.

I thought that was bad. But at least they have their children. But to put women in jail and then steal their children? What are they thinking? I am deeply deeply ashamed of this country.

"When an alien resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the alien"
Leviticus 19:33

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