Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bible is Unsanitary

I just got a letter from our local hospital informing me I need a  name badge.  To get a name badge I have to provide a letter proving I really AM a pastor, get a background check and participate in a "brief" (for which they recommend I schedule an hour) educational program on how to wash my hands.

Much as I'd like to engage in a rant about how STUPID this is and a waste of time (Thank you I do wash my hands and pastors that don't wash their hands are not going to change after your "brief" education on the matter)....what caught my attention was the explanation in the letter as to why they will no longer provide bibles in the patient rooms.  No bibles because "there is no way to properly sanitize the bibles".

Funny the hospital finally figured out something many Christians haven't figured out.   You cannot sanitize Scripture.  It's dirty, ambiguous, disturbing and downright dangerous.  You can't clean it up. 


  1. OMG...laughing, nay, braying out loud at your kicker paragraph. So wonderful!!

  2. Very nice.

    Related story: a colleague's daughter works in a bookstore. She helped a women returning a Bible. When asked why, she said it wasn't a very good Bible, because bad things happened in it!