Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Guess I have to Go See "Eat Pray Love" Now

Even though there's a serial killer from General Hospital in it.  This is the problem being stuck in the small town Lutheran midwest.  I didn't know until I read on Pretty Good Lutherans that this book and now movie is what the unchurched is turning to for spiritual food nowadays.  Or maybe it's a blessing that I didn't know that.   So there is this review from Faith Forward which sees Eat Pray Love as an invitation for Christians.  

But I really like this review - How Eat, Pray, Love Turned me into a Selfish Bitch.  

I guess I'll go see it and tell you which perspective  I prefer.  I wonder if I can write off my ticket as a business expense...


  1. I was just thinking I have to read the book.

  2. I liked the book but am afraid to see the movie - the clips lead me to believe that it simply won't do the book justice.

  3. I seldom read books just because they are popular, but I bought this one. Haven't started it yet.