Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love - Part Chick Flick, part Travelogue - Low on Spirituality

 But who wouldn't want to find their balance with this guy?
Really this movie is supposed to be about spirituality?  People who saw this movie really think that?  Supposedly there is more spirituality in the book but I cannot bring myself to read that book.  The only reason I did not despise the main character is because Julia Roberts played her and I just cannot help loving Julia Roberts, no matter what kind of a person she plays.

I did my own escape today and went off to see the matinee  showing.  I can't really spring for a trip to Italy, India and Bali so I had to settle for some self-discovery with popcorn in the Ames theatre.  I kept thinking what the hell is this woman's problem?  Everybody loves her.  She keeps meeting good looking men who fall desperately in love with her, but she's not happy or "balanced".   Hey, Honey, go work in the slums of Calcutta and then maybe you'll appreciate your life a little better.  Everybody's life looks a little dull compared to traipsing around the world for a year.

I've been to Rome and India and would love to go to Bali so I enjoyed the scenery as she eats and tries to pray her way through these countries.  And I enjoy a good romance and and her final romance - Javier Bardem is pretty easy to look at so it was not a wasted afternoon for me.  

I guess if I get anything out of this it is how badly we are off in this culture if this drivel passes for spirituality.

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  1. Just what I feared, and why I won't see the movie until its on reruns on tv and I'm really bored one night. But the book I did like. And actually I also like Julia ROberts too.