Thursday, August 19, 2010

The First Amendment Guarantees your Right to Let Everyone Know You are an Idiot

It also, as Diane points out over at Faith in Community, gives others the right to point out that you are an idiot.  And to advocate boycotting those who sponsor your brand of idiocy.

NPR , Good News, Dr. Laura: Your First Amendment Rights Are Still Yours points out that "Freedom from government interference is not freedom from consequences" of what you say:

Leaving her show doesn't restore to Schlessinger any lost constitutional rights. (She likely knows this perfectly well, but unfortunately, it's a distinction that tends to get lost in the rhetoric surrounding these conflicts.) What it does is free her from the sponsorship model of distributing content and its vulnerability to economic pressure.

It's an interesting article about the use of boycotts to protest speech.

What I find ironic about her decrying her loss of rights because people are advocating boycotting her sponsors is that she herself has advocated boycotting sponsors of those who said things SHE didn't like.  How annoying that the First Amendment is for EVERYBODY.

Much as I hate devoting so much of my blog and writing time to this crazy egomaniac, you do have to give her credit for sparking a lot of national discussion~~ from the N word (I don't use it, don't like to hear it, even from African American comedians but I personally believe that's not my call or my debate --here's a take on Keli Goff "She did teach us one thing" it by that I like) to opportunities to remind us what the First Amendment *really is*

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