Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Confirmation Tonight

So I didn't really have enough prepared tonight. We suspend classes for Lent - I find I get better attendance at worship and I'd rather see the family worshiping together than dropping the kid off for class.

I had a little power point prepared on Martin Luther which didn't last long. Then I just started my story telling. I'm a pretty good story teller. They like it when I tell them bible stories. I try to get them to read the bible "No you tell us the story, Pastor - we like to hear you tell it" Yup, feed my ego. I'll tell you a story.

So I told them the story of Martin helping Katie escape from the convent in a pickle barrel. And how Martin tried to get Katie to marry some of his friends and she wouldn't settle for anyone less than him. And how he reluctantly agreed to marry her because he was not setting a good example marrying off his monk friends but refusing to settle down himself. And I said how that wasn't a very romantic start but what a deep and lasting love they had and what a comfort Katie was to him in the difficult times and how they comforted one another when they lost their dear daughter.

"Wow," breathed one of the 15 year old boys. "That is a great story!"

Yes it is.

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