Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scapegoat of the Week

So I was beginning to think that this national piling on of Nadya Suleman, the messed up woman with the octuplets and six other kids living in a 3 bedroom house with her parents, was getting to be a bit unseemly. Then I saw this website: Welcome to the Nanya Suleman family and that made me just want to join in the pile on. What is wrong with this woman?

Well obviously, that is the problem. There is something wrong with this woman. But there is something wrong with us that we are enabling her, giving her the attention she craves so desperately that she keeps popping out babies. The good thing about all this attention is that no doubt Social Services will get involved and make sure the children are cared for properly. I feel confident about this because they were so good about getting on Brittney Spears' case when she drove in public with her baby on her lap. Now there's another mother who the nation enjoyed and cheered on as she had a public mental break down. What is wrong with US that we take part in these spectacles? This public trashing of Nadya is a little like the days when they would throw rotten fruit at the women in the stocks for bad behavior.

And what is wrong with her mother??? Who goes on TV publically trashing her own daughter? I'm sure she is tired of taking care of all those kids. But this is YOUR daughter! The fact that Mom is dealing with her daughter in such a dysfunctional manner just confirms her daughter's story that her own dysfunctional family life contributed to this unstable behavior.

But really it's time to break the cycle and stop the insanity. Don't send this woman any money. Don't encourage her –and remember, people who crave attention, would rather have positive attention, but they'll continue the behavior for negative attention because it's better than being ignored. It's time for the public to ignore Nadya. Let her get the help she needs in private.

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  1. I so agree with you. It is getting to the point that when I see a story about her on TV I turn away or change the station. They play the same sound bites over and over. But I think this story is like an eclipse...we are told not to look directly at it but we just can't seem to turn away.