Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Day and I've been quoted

So I'm reading this really fun (but thought provoking) Magdalene's Egg -- and THEY QUOTED MY BLOG! I'm so jazzed.

But now it's like when my bishop started complimenting me on my "From the Pastor" newsletter articles. Before he started noticing me, I would just write stuff...and it was hit or miss, sometimes it would be good, sometimes pretty much crap. But now my BISHOP thinks I'm a good writer and I feel like I have to, you know, do my best EVERY time. I know, my congregation deserves my best as much as my bishop does. But you pastors reading this know how hard it is to come up with something every month that is profound or even well-written.

But I've decided I am a writer and a writer must write. So I send folks in my congregation a devotion and I make it my discipline to write a new one every day (except Sunday) - I don't write any of them ahead of time. And I thought this would be a good place where I could be a little freer - like writing about a screaming uterus. And it's nice to know it was appreciated by at least one fellow blog writer.

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