Thursday, February 26, 2009

The New First Dog

According to an interview with Michelle Obama in People magazine, the Presidential family is leaning towards a Portuguese water dog. And yes, thank you they will be looking for a shelter dog. Apparently this breed fits the requirement that it be hypoallergenic. Tedd Kennedy has these dogs and was campaigning heavily for them.

This kind of news is always met with mixed feelings from repsonsible breeders and people who are really concerned about animals. As is laid out in this article
Obamas' pet preference gives some pause - The Boston Globe

There's always a danger when one particular breed gets designated "The" breed to have. First of all, they get bred indiscriminately to meet the demand. Also not every dog is right for every family. Any dog, not trained properly can become aggressive, a nuisance and a menace. Families find they are not prepared to deal with this cute trendy animal and already full shelters make room for more pets on their way to being euthanized. But the good news is that they are going to a shelter and hopefully that will influence people as well.

Also there was a news release put out a few hours after the People magazine story saying that the family has not make the final decision on the dog. So stay tuned for further updates on this important issue.

I'm a cat person myself.

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