Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Do Women Really Sin Differently than Men?

Here's a good late Ash Wednesday night topic!

At the risk of having to turn in my feminist card, I don't know that I buy the "sin is different for women" doctrine. Or if it is different, it's not that we are so humble and self-sacrificing. I mean really - What is your sin? "Oh my sin is that I'm such selfless person" That may what work in a job interview when they ask what your weakness is and you are supposed to answer, "Oh my weakness is that I just work so hard and I care too much about the company..."but I don't think it's gonna fool God!

I have known some of the most selfish and self-absorbed women who really got into "Oh my problem is that I don't take care of myself or think of myself enough" "Really?" I think as my eyes glaze over "Because we've just spent the last 45 minutes talking about you." And the woman I knew who said "For Lent I'm going to take care of myself" And I wonder, how would she notice the difference?

I think perhaps sin for women is manipulation. We want the same things men want - we just go about getting it in a more sneaky way.

Women have to get over this victim stuff and own up to ways we managed to survive and get our way even in male dominated cultures. Cuz, you know, we have what you guys want.

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