Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Love Facebook

This is a great article at Time Magazine:

Why Facebook is for Old Foagies

Back in May I opened a facebook account to start a facebook group for my church youth. I was having a really hard time getting in touch with them. They were never home to answer the phone. They didn't seem to read their email - at least not from me. And forget about snail mail! But I knew from my daughter that they checked their Facebook several times a day!

I still remember asking my daughter how to start a group on facebook --she was a senior in high school and she was dumbfounded..."YOU, MOTHER...have a facebook??" Then she said no one would be my friend and she refused to be my friend. But all of her friends thought it was cool that I was on facebook and they all became my friends. So she reluctantly added me. Now that she's in college it is a great way to keep in touch.

It worked great for the youth group and for me knowing what was going on in their lives - because you know - they update their status' constantly.

But it wasn't long that I was finding old college and seminary friends, people I'd lost touch with..made new friends with people I had similar interests. I think those old foagies who complain it hurts social action are just wrong. It enhances social interaction.

Facebook. It's not just for kids!

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  1. Facebook does indeed rock, regardless of your age. My mother (68 years old) is very active on Facebook, as are two of her sisters and many cousins. My 92-year-old grandmother is on Facebook, although she still seems a little confused by it.