Monday, February 9, 2009

What kind of crazy blog name is this?

Everybody has these cool names from the bible for their blogs …but I wanted this to be about more than just being a pastor – though most of my opinions that I feel like sharing are about faith and the church.

But I hope to talk about my other passions – figure skating and gardening. Why high heels under my alb? Because I often wear wickedly fashionable but painful high heels under my alb at church. Why do I do that when it’s so uncomfortable? And distracting in that people always make some comment about my shoes. To get attention? Right-- because standing in front of the congregation leading worship and preaching isn’t enough attention. I think those high heels are my rebellion against the uniformity of the church that often can only accept women as pastors by de-sexing us. I noticed that when I was pregnant. It seemed to unsettle everyone. I think there’s a mid west niceness that accepts women clergy by just pretending that there’s nothing different about us. Until our growing bellies scream “That’s right! I have a uterus!” Or when we wear high heels.

Also my slap at conventional feminism that thinks we have to act and look and think like men to get ahead. Sorry. As Linda Low sang in one of my favorite corny Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals “Flower Drum Song” – “I Enjoy Being a Girl!”

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