Thursday, April 22, 2010

Disappointing though not surpising

is how gleefully the Word Alone/CORE types have latched onto the Augsburg-Fortress pension scandal..   They seem much more excited to catch the ELCA in a sin than concerned about the actual people hurt by this.  NOW they are more than happy to point to ELCA social statements.

It grates on me to have to be on their side on this...of course the difference is that I take no satisfaction in having to call the ELCA to task on this.


  1. LOL! Look, make up your mind: first the problem is that us CORE types can't move on from the sexuality stuff, and then it's that we do move on. Actually, we are capable of caring about folks that worked for Augsburg Fortress and what has happened to the retirement fund just because it is the right thing to do. And I am disapointed in the response of the leadership of the ELCA; I expected better of them than this. I'm sorry it has come to a lawsuit, but after hearing a report at the last Church Council meeting, I think a wake-up call was needed. But I am glad we are allies in this; maybe we *can* work together in the ELCA, in spite of other disagreements?

  2. Erma I never ever have any doubts about YOUR sincerity and integrity. But I've seen some other responses and I swear I can see the saliva dripping out of their mouths in glee at yet another reason to hate the ELCA. But I will agree the ELCA has no one to blame but themselves for this.