Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't they have a president to elect or something?

So the Missouri Synod has put out a statement ---"Theological Implications of the 2009 ELCA Decisions"  No I didn't read it, not going to and I'm not sharing the link.  You can look it up.  But really - Don't they have anything else to talk about but us?   


  1. When I first started blogging, there were so very many LCMS blogs compared to other Lutheran blogs, so, naturally, I read them. And they didn't seem to have much else to talk about then either, but just how the E*CA was this or that or wasn't this or that. And, no, I shouldn't comment about anything that I "felt" because what wasn't acceptable, especially because I am a woman. And that was wayyyyyyyy before the vote. And I was told that I'd sure better not attend a Bible Study unless it was led (ie lectured) by a male pastor. No thinking allowed, I guess. If I sound not nice about this, that is correct, because some hurtful things were directed my way.

  2. I did read it. It was straight -forward; the conclusion was no cliff-hanger. It was, however much nicer (and much more loving) than the other reading I did yesterday: the Network News. Why have I not yet learned to throw that thing right in the garbage can?