Thursday, April 8, 2010

RIP The Rev. Darelene Grega

I did not know Pastor Grega.  But there's few enough of us ELCA lady pastors that you feel an affinity towards another one whether you know them or not.  She was the first ELCA and first female chaplain at Valpraisio.  All I really know of her is that she couldn't pray in public when the Missouri Lutheran president showed up to preach and that she was very gracious about it.

Chrystal over at Soul Munchies has some very nice reflections about Pastor Grega and her work at Valpraisio.  And Pretty Good Lutherans has some information.

She, her family and friends and all the folks at Valpraisio are in my prayers.


  1. Thanks for posting, Joelle. I have been sick at heart since I heard.

  2. I knew Darlene, because we worked together in leading a confirmation camp in 2007 while she served for a short time as a pastor here in Ohio in her first call. Before that she had served in higher education, most recently at Virginia Tech. I remember her saying that she knew some of the people who were killed in the tragic massacre there earlier that year. One can only guess how that incident may have affected her mental health in a negative way. I will remember her as a loving and fun-loving person, and admired her for her pioneering spirit and graciousness as the first female clergy to serve at Valpo.